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Seminar on Community Violence

On February 14, 2019, in cooperation with the specialized center for dentistry in Nasiriyah, Tammuz Organization for Social Development held a seminar on community violence and its abusive behavior.

The seminar was initiated with a greeting speech given by our colleague Razzaq Obaid Dhaher; the coordinator of Tammuz Organization in Nasiriyah, he also gave a brief introduction on Tammuz, its goals and activities in Iraq and Nasiriyah. Then, he made a presentation on violence, its types, forms, behavioral practices of violence and their mental and psychological impacts on the victims, addressing some daily examples and experiences, deliberate or accidental, that had their impacts on the victims.

Also, the reasons behind the exacerbation of violence manifestations were broached; like the setback in the performance of educational institutions, social and economic circumstances, remnants of terrorism on society, the weakness of law authority and the lack of legal measures that should eliminate violence manifestations that are observable within the family and society

He also gave a presentation on some international examples to spread the culture of acceptance of others and respect for those who are different with enhancing the sound educational values.

The attendants participated with diverse interventions between questions, inquiries and some examples that enriched the topic with discussions resulted to a group of outputs and recommendations as solutions to eliminate violence in society.

The Most Important Recommendations:

-Spreading social awareness on the importance of family sound education.

-The importance of restoring the educational role of schools as a complementary institution to the role of the family in the upbringing of the individual.

 – Modifying the curriculum so as to ensure the integration of the gender perspective and human rights concepts for education at all levels.

–  The need to legislate laws regulating the protection of human rights such as the law against domestic violence, the law on the protection of diversity, the law of freedom of expression and the amendment of the penal law in force with regard to sanctions and mitigating measures for violence.

– Holding more educational seminars and workshops in official and non-official institutions to educate against violence and hatred.

– The importance of media participation in the dissemination of community culture, and the use of social media and methods accessible to the recipient.

– Supporting civil society organizations in implementing their awareness programs.

At the end of the seminar, Mr. Razzaq Obaid expressed his thanks and appreciation to the attendants with thanks to Dr Amjad, Director of the Specialized Dental Center in Nasiriyah for his cooperation and hospitality to the organization in establishing this activity.

It is worth mentioning that the Tammuz Organization for Social Development holds dozens of seminars and awareness campaigns aimed at its annual programs in Nasiriyah and the whole of Iraq to achieve social development based on the respect and exercise of rights and freedoms and access to equality and social justice.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

14 February 2019

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