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Seminar on the rights of displaced persons and procedures for registration and return

On Sunday 12/3/2017 a second seminar was held at Umalqura camp in Amiriyat Al-falluja by TOSD. The seminar was attended by 25 displaced (10 men, 15 women ) as well as our fellow Abdulrazzaq Aboud Uleiwi , a representative of the central camp. Our colleague Ali Ghazal started the seminar by welcoming the attendance and speaking about the free legal clinic. Later on , our fellow lawyer, Adil Ibrahim began with a lecture about the displaced persons rights and registration procedures and return urging the displaced , who did not register , to register to ensure their rights. The registration process is as follows:

                                                              – Aconfirmation letter from area Mokhtar

–  A confirmation letter from the police station

–  Submitting an application to the migration office in the province

Then the floor was opened  for discussion , a question from the displaced Ahmed Jamal about the return procedures and the required documents. The answer came from our colleague Adil Ibrahim as follows:

1- A confirmation letter from the local council confirming his displacement

2- A confirmation letter to the ministry of displacement and migration to close the displacement file.

3- The four required documents of the displaced person + the security identification card

4- Consulting the migration office branch in the province.

Another question was asked by Zainab Ahmed Asaad, a displaced person, about the changing of the ration card to her name, her husband died during the military operations in Algarmah city . Our colleague Adil Ibrahim answered her as follows:

1- Submitting an application to the supply center

2- Death certificate

3- Civil status identification card marked as a widow

Then Adil Ibrahim spoke about the dangers of the military waste materials during return . He urged the citizens to inform about the strange bodies, unexploded ammunition and not to get nearer as well as informing the civil defense personnel and security forces.

At the end of the seminar the attendance extended their thanks to the organization members out the valuable information provided.

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