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Spreading the Cheer of Eid among Refugee Children in Dohuk

On Thursday 23 August, coinciding with Eid Al-Fitr, Tammuz organization for social development had an artistic party for Syrian refugee children in Domiz Camp/Dohuk with the participation of Kurdish NGOs Net, Asteerah Organization for Children, Zamanasi Organization for Kurdish Language Improvement and Dok Sharter Artistic Band. 

The program of the party was diverse with several activities included educational and acrobatic games, as well as a gig that was punctuated by beautiful folk dances and singing participations by children in which they expressed their love

of peace and of their homeland, the party also included distribution of Eid gifts to all the children attending which were represented with sweets, clothing, diverse toys for boys and girls who numbered between 500-600 children, the gifts were offered by organizations with  voluntary initiatives.

This party came as an expression of solidarity with our brotherly Syrian People and their just demands for Freedom and 

democracy, and in compensation for children and their families for the holiday cheer they had missed and its rituals that they had used to among their kith and kin in homeland, the refugee expressed their thanks and happiness for Solidarity and concern that were initiated by these organizations.

This event brought joy to children and made them smile.

They crowded in order to get their Eid gifts of which they had been deprived.

This event was distinguished with a high spirit of voluntary collective action by volunteers’ team, of contributed organizations, the team gone out of their way to travel from and to Erbil-Dohuk, have their bus repaired after it was broke down, and after that, preparing the appropriate place for having the party and implementing its program amid children’s mess and their joy.

It is worth mentioning that Tammuz Organization for Social Development continues its concern for the Syrian Refugees in

Dohuk and Al-Kaim camps, they paid many visits as well as their directly contributing to collect and distribute aids and basic needs for the refugees and their regularization.

Public Information Office 

Of Tammuz Organization for Social Development

25 August 2012

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