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Tammuz Attends IHEC Board Commissioners meeting

On Saturday 9th October 2021, Alliance of National Surveillance Networks held a meeting with board of Commissioners for IHEC in the presence of Judge Omar Mohammed Ahmed, Deputy to Chief of Commissioners.

Ms. Jumana Al-Ghalay, official press Secretary of the board and Mr. Hassan Salman the president of Media and Communication department, Mr. Dawood Salman Procedures and Training officer, were also present.

The Alliance was also represented by Ms. Vian Al-Sheikh Ali president of Tammuz Organization, Mr. Huker Jato presedent of Shams Network in addition to Mr. Ali Bakht. Through the meeting, private voting was discussed and evaluated along with the observations related to it. Also there was discussions in the regard of challenges faced by the observers and some proposals were submitted such as giving the observers permissions to enter along with their mobile phones so that their work would be facilitated and submitting reports especially that Tammuz Organization has developed a platform where observers can directly upload them on the platform and such process requires to use their phones.

The IHEC Representatives showed their readiness to cooperate and overcome the obstacles facing observers and to unite their efforts in order to make the electoral process successful in a professional, impartial and transparent way.

At the end of the meeting, expressions of thanks and gratitude were exchanged between both sides on their efforts done to serve Iraq and the public interest.

Media Center for Tammuz’s network of observers

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

9 October

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