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Tammuz Organization Attends a Lottery for the Electoral Candidates

Tammuz Organization for Social Development attended the lottery for the quota candidates for the components across Iraq, which was carried out by the receiving High Elections Commission on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 in Baghdad and Nasiriyah.

The lottery began with the picking of the numbers of candidates for the Christian component, which comprised 34 candidates, and then the Mendaie component, which comprised 8 candidates, as well as the Faili Kurds and the number of its candidates were 8, while the Shabak component had 8 candidates and the Yazidi component had 7 candidates.

The electoral districts for each component have also been defined, as Iraq will be an electoral district for the Christian and Mendaie component, Wasit Governorate will be an electoral district for the Faili Kurdish component, and Nineveh will be an electoral district for the Yazidi and Shabak component.

The lottery witnessed the presence of a number of media representatives and candidates of the components, in addition to civil society organizations, and the atmosphere of the draw was well organized, so that no notes were recorded on the lottery procedures.

In conclusion, the Commission announced the numbers of candidates for the components and stressed that this lottery is a message of reassurance to the Iraqi people about the seriousness of the Commission and the sobriety of its procedures, and called on the voters to participate in the upcoming electoral process

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for social Development

8 July 2021

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