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Tammuz Organization concludes a workshop on “Mastering the Tools of Investigative Journalism”

In Erbil, for the period, 17-19 August 2021, Tammuz Organization for Social Development, in partnership with the National Syndicate of Journalists in Iraq, finished  a training workshop entitled “Making the tools of investigative journalism” within the project to empower Iraqi female journalists, with the attendance of 15 female journalists from different governorates of Iraq.

The training lasted for three days, led by trainer Delovan Berwari, as the first day began with a presentation on the concept of investigative reports and the fundamental elements that a journalist must have to prepare a report, besides defining investigative journalism (its elements – its role in society) and the difference between investigative and conventional journalism. After that, some experimental exercises were conducted about the ideas of investigative journalism.

As for Day2, it began with a brief presentation of the most important events of the first day and then started with the topics and themes of the second day, including the method for selecting the ideas of investigations and the work of investigative reports, besides planning for them, the structure of the investigation structure and the method of writing.

On Day3, the trainer made an appraisal of the preceding training materials, and then there was a debate about several topics, including the world of press sources and the method of analyzing sources. The trainer also addressed the mental map by conducting some exercises on the same topic.

The workshop finished with a film showing an investigative report prepared by one of the foreign journalists, during which all that was spread during the training period were noted. After that, participation certificates were distributed to female journalists and were thanked for their notable interaction, wishing them a splendid journalistic future.

The project coordinator, our colleague Enas Jabbar, also cited the forthcoming work plans, including preparing investigative reports and implementing 3 media campaigns on several topics. In addition, the last conference will be held upon the finalization of the second step of the project, in the attending of female media professionals and specialists, with the contribution of female journalists who engaged in the project’s workshops.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

20 August 2021

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