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Tammuz Organization for Social Development continues with students of Iraqi universities

Under slogan (Together to end violence against women) Tammuz Organization for Social Development in cooperation with United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) have carried the project to decrease the violence against women in Iraqi Society in Muthana and Dhi Qar province within make eight of culture workshops in the university of Muthana and Dhi Qar in October and November of this year.

The workshops included the lectures about human rights and resistance international treaties anti-violence against women as CIDAW treaty. The lectures have delivered by lectures have high experience in the mentioned topics. The workshop was attended by professors from the faculties of the two universities in addition to the participation of more than 200 students from Muthanna and Dhi Qar Universities; the rate of the presence 70% of women and this show women’ interesting of the attendees.

The workshop characterized with its active participation between lecture and attendance, where there was discussion about the subjects that proposed in workshops and the participations confirmed the duties of legislative, executive and judicial authorities and NGOs as shown below:  

  1-Legislative duties:

. Laws legislation to resistance of violence

. Put a suitable representing for women in parliament based on qualification.

2-Executive duties:

.Application of laws that agreed by parliament about violence against women

.Using media to educate people about violence against women

.Polices offices must send the complain cases to the specialized courts

.Arresting the accused of any violence against women and bring them to justice

.Listening to the women complains who exposed to the violence.

3-Judiciary duties:

.Prosecute of persons who perpetrate violence against women 

.Issued the instance punishments against violated of women because it will expose the disassembly of society.

.Financial fines for each person direct absence words to women

.Non-continuous postponement of personal statue cases that submitted by women against their husbands.

4-NGOs duties:

.Holding workshops and conferences on violence against women

.Meet with tribe leaders and clerks according to rallies organized by the organizations to prohibit violence against women

.Increasing of feminine members of NGOs pays to participate to reduce of violence against women.Defining about women’s rights and conveyance its voice of the concerned authorities

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