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Tammuz Organization for Social Development distributes New Aids to Syrian Refugees

Tammuz Organization for Social Development distributed new aids to Syrian refugees in Qaim region, despite the poor security situation in Anbar province and the difficulty of access to the camps but the staff of the organization could deliver food, varied medical supplies, medicines, clothes, furniture and stoves.
The conditions of Syrian refugees continue in deteriorate with spreading of dermatosis (such as grain of Baghdad). It was worth mentioned that our organization issued detailed study about camps’ conditions of Syrian refugees in Iraq after consecutive visits for the period from August until February 2013. Organization checked the conditions of refugee in Duhok and Qaim camps and distributed aids for families, and painted happy on the faces of children in the camps on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr 2012.
Organization held celebration for refugee children in Dumez camp, and distributed aids to the refugees in the Qaim region included food, clothing, blankets, stoves and other essential needs, where they distributed aids to hundreds of families of refugees under cruelty psychological and environmental circumstances such as rain and cold winter.

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