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Tammuz Organization for Social Development holds Workshop on Role of Civil Society Organization in Resolving Conflicts          

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held workshop “Role of Civil Society Organizations in Resolving Conflicts”, attending a crowd of representatives of civil society organizations on Saturday 1st of Sept.2012 in Baghdad.
Participants discussed in workshop the definition of conflicts, its kinds and its behavioral and then touched on analysis of conflicts and its mechanism (preparation and starting), afterward attendees divided to groups to define the most prominent conflicts in Iraq and the role of organization in resolving these conflicts, and also identify strengths and weaknesses points to work of organizations in civil society according to analysis of (SWAT).
The workshop will conclude its works for the most important recommendations:
1-Achieving of constitution modifies and the text on the legal value of international conventions for the Constitution and law, issuing the legitimate evidence (Clarification and Explanatory) to the constitution for
2-Legislation of main laws to the democratic transition (Parties Law, free of expression and get information), and modify the valid laws such as law of elections to ensure keeping of votes.
3-Improve the legislation and judicial performance to maintain the independence of the authority to other.
4-Operation of inactivated factories and founding of modern production line with giving priority to the domestic product, as well as activating the control and standardization and quality control of imported products
5-Encourage of investment and provide facilities with the adoption of an investment policy match the requirements of the economic changes in the world
6- Strategic Planning and Scientific executable to resolve crises that the country passes

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