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Tammuz Organization for Social Development launches its Report on Observation to choose the Members of the Electoral Commission

Tammuz Organization for Social Development launched its fourth report on the observation to choose the members for the Independent High Electoral Commission.
Tammuz Organization for Social Development continues its observation to choose Board of Commissioners for the Independent High Electoral Commission, and issues its fourth report after voting of Iraqi Parliament to eight members at its 23rd meeting that held on 17th of September and left the ninth member for discussion and negotiation.
We would like to point out the several notes and fears that have recorded by our organization for the future of Iraq, which falls every day in building democratic institutions, and lack of respect for the political blocs of Iraqi constitution and legislated laws, as well as ignore the resolutions of the Federal Court to all the authorities in the Republic of Iraq and this shows that most of the political blocs are working against the construction of an independent institutions.
The report pointed out that “independent bodies has become a partisan and sectarian and subject to quotas instead of efficiency, professionalism, neutrality and independence; here we want to emphasize the following:
1.Parliment is responsible for the conversion of independent professional bodies to the political bodies are selected according to the partisan and sectarian quotas, and thus it became breach for the Constitution and the laws that began to establish these bodies.
2. The Presidency of the Council of Representatives is responsible for the sowing discord among the Iraqi people through their absence of representation in the independent bodies and the lack of equal opportunities among individuals and components of Iraqi society, where it has voted to eight members according to sectarian and national quotas and leave the rest to other components to dispute for the ninth member in commission.
3.The lack of women’s representation in the Electoral Commission is the prejudice to her right and contrary to the Constitution and laws and contrary to UN Resolution
4.The political process is moving towards building non-democratic institutions, non-professional and non-independent and therefore would be unfair.
5.The formation of the Electoral Commission that has happened in the House of Representatives will lead to mistrust in its work by Iraqi people because of lack of independence, and it will be subject to the will of the party sectarian and nationalism.
6.The choose of new members in this way is prejudice to the right of the candidates, who numbered more than seven thousand candidate between a man and a woman and had many of them high competencies, expertise and also independent, and have won high marks through differentiation and the interview process that was happened by the Partisan Experts Commission that set up by the House of Representatives Iraqi.
7.What is profit of civil society organizations and surveillance networks to monitor the process of choosing the Board of Commissioners if the process of election was a foregone conclusion as we saw.
8.Finally, we express our great concern for the future of the democratic process in Iraq, which affected even the quotas on independent bodies that stipulated by the Constitution, as well as the marginalization of the Iraqi people special the role of women.

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