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Tammuz Organization for Social Development set up Awareness Workshops of Widow Rights

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development in cooperates with Ministry of Human Rights and support by Access of Justice Program set up awareness workshops of widow rights in Baghdad and provinces including the project of awareness campaign of widow rights and under slogan “For Widow Rights too”; the number of workshops arrive to 20 till now in Baghdad, Dhi Qar and Anbar and the last workshop was on Thursday 24th of June in Baghdad, and the workshop attended by 34 widows in addition to guests from the Ministry of Human Rights and Access of Justice Program. Organization was training more than 500 widows during twentieth workshops have carried out yet.

The training comprises a number of subjects about widow rights and it has also distributed a guidebook about legal awareness of widow rights. The training included an introduction about widows and shows their rights that stipulated in Iraqi code articles, then there were a dialog and discussion among trained and touched to widow rights in international pact as the public concepts of human rights and the international convention of economic, sociability and cultural rights, and it has also been trained on the step of registration in the office of women welfare of the ministry of labour and social affairs.

It should be noted that the continuous project and it will be held 3 dialog seminars to identify the obstacles and problems of the widows in Baghdad and the provinces, and what are the recommendations that emerged from the awareness workshops. It also included the project a guidebook to raise awareness of the widow rights and put posters in Baghdad and provinces under slogan “For widow rights too”, as well as prepare radio programs hosting officials to discuss the widow situations and work radio spots too.

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