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Tammuz Organization report on its monitoring of the process of updating the register of voters for the election of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives in 2014

 Ended Tammuz Organization for Social Development monitored for the first stage of an election, which is the foundation stone to ensure free and fair elections. They control the process of updating the voters’ register, which ended on 09.12.2013. Preceded by monitoring the legislative environment and amending the election law, and beyond preparations and procedures of the Electoral Commission. Where the organization began monitoring the process of updating the voter register after the announcement of the election commission to open centers update the voter register during the period (November 10 until December 5, 2013). And then to extend the right one, to end the process of updating the voter data up to December 9, 2013.

During the previous period, the organization issued a number of reports, statements and appeals about every stage of the electoral process, and included several observations and recommendations. During the voter registration update, our observers recorded several observations (positive and negative), are summarized in the following points: 

1 – Dealing positive for the staff of the Electoral Commission and its offices in the provinces and the center with voters auditors for the purpose of voter registration update in preparation for the elections of the Iraqi parliament in 2014. 

2 – Office held a number of seminars and conferences, illustrations, and to strengthen the partnership with civil society organizations and political entity agents, and the media.

3 – The spread of the election campaign in the city centers and weaknesses in the villages and rural areas, to encourage voters to review the voter registration update centers. 

4 – Commission published posters and propaganda campaign, and illustrations to review the voter registration update centers, through radio, audio, visual and print, satellite TV and websites. 

5 – twice the electoral propaganda to deduce the polling stations, and limited to a banner hung on the door of the polling station.

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