Tammuz Organization to help Syrian refugees in a camp in Erbil Core Cusick

 The Tammuz Organization for Social Development, the processing amount of aid provided for the Syrian refugees coming to the province of Arbil during the past few weeks, has been providing assistance to these families, especially children and women, which is about the quantities of milk, diapers, cleaning products, sterilization, Cake, food for children and clothes.

A team of volunteers organized the transfer of materials to the camp on Monday, September 2, 2013 and in coordination with the administration of the camp was handed over aid to be distributed to families according to their numbers and their needs, and after that was preceded by a field visit to the camp to get to know the reality of the refugees and their circumstances.

The escalation of political events in Syria led to the delegations of more than 30,000 refugees to Iraqi Kurdistan abruptly and without the readiness to receive them , causing a lack of large to fill their needs and arrange their situation , knowing that the citizens in the province have participated actively in the provision of financial donations and moral through grass-roots campaign launched the provincial government and media organizations in the past week .

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