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Tammuz Organization visits President of the Supreme Judicial Council

On 10 July 2021, Tammuz Participates in a visit to President of the Supreme Judicial Council participated Judge Faiq Zaidan, the visit was within the delegation of Iraqi Women’s network and a group of civil society organizations in addition to media and trade union figures.

The session was initiated by the Mr. Iyad Mohsen welcoming the guests of organizations’ representatives, journalists and union trade figures, he emphasized on the importance of the organizations to tackle a lot of issues that occurs regularly in society, most important of which was a recently submitted proposal to amend personal status law for the article 57 and other issues.

President Faiq Zaidan stated that the basic objectives of holding this session was to clarify the role of judiciary and justice in Iraq and its importance in society.

During the session, several topics were discussed the prominent one was the amending of article 57, related to children custody, of personal status law. Besides October Protests issues and its violations, also, domestic violence was mentioned and difficulties faced by lawyers in courts.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

15 July 2021

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