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Tammuz Participates in Iraqi Social Forum activates for its Sixth Season

On Friday and Saturday 29-30 October 2021 at the Academy of Human Sciences in Baghdad, Tammuz Organization for Social Development participated in the activities of the Iraqi Social Forum for the sixth season, where it held two workshops.

The first workshop was held on October 29, entitled “Women’s Participation in the Elections, which was held within the Kahramana Path Program.” The dialogue workshop included a discussion of the reality of women’s participation in the elections as a voter and as a candidate and the legal and social foundations available to them. It also addressed the challenges facing their participation, which crystallized in three main challenges, namely the legal In addition to the political obstacles represented by political systems based on loyalty to the influential leaders, not on the basis of partisan and political programs, ideas and principles. During the discussions, many examples and experiences of women’s participation in the elections and the results of their participation were presented, especially the number of winning women and the votes they get, as well as their performance in the House of Representatives later. The workshop witnessed the presence of a number of those interested in the field of women’s rights and activists in civil society.

At the end of the workshop, it was emphasized the need to raise women’s awareness of their rights and support them to participate in decision-making centers in general and elections in particular, and the required amendments and legal legislation related to regulating the application of the quota, amending the law of parties, finding guarantees and protection for women’s participation in political work, as well as continuing advocacy campaigns and pressure to implement the system Quota in the executive branch and all official bodies.

As for the second workshop, which was entitled “The Role of Youth in Social Development”, it was held by a number of participants in the Young Leaders Program, which has been implemented by the Tammuz Organization for more than six years. The workshop was carried out on Saturday, October 30, and during the workshop several topics related to the reality of youth and the most prominent challenges facing them and how to develop them and take care of their energy in order to lead society towards change for the better. And the participation of Moamal Jalil from Najaf, who spoke about the impact of economic development for youth and its role in achieving social development. The activist Asaad Al-Kinani also spoke about community work and its role in decision-making and how youth became active in voluntary teams that had an impact on developing youth capabilities on the one hand and contributing In solving societal problems and crises, such as those that occurred in supporting the displaced and mitigating the effects of the Corona pandemic.

Activist Alaa Gaseb also spoke about the role of voluntary organizations and teams in empowering youth and providing opportunities to contribute to the development process and increase their knowledge in dialogue, negotiation and communication with decision-makers. He also spoke about his personal experience and success story derived from his participation in a pioneering program such as the Young Leaders Program. He also touched on the UN Resolution 2250 regarding the participation of youth in peace and decision-making, and the experience of Iraq and organizations in this regard.

Then, many young women and men participating in the session overlapped on the role of youth in promoting national cohesion and peace building, and their role in the October Uprising and the resulting advanced stage in a social development process. While it was emphasized through the interventions that there are no effective government plans and strategies to advance the reality of young people and benefit from their energies in the development of the country at all levels. Basically.

After extensive discussions, the workshop concluded the need for the state to pay attention to youth through effective and targeted policies and plans, and the importance of youth participation themselves in community work, and the opportunities provided by civil society organizations for empowerment, capacity building and community leadership.

It is worth noting that Tammuz Organization for Social Development participates for the sixth consecutive time in the activities of the Iraqi Social Forum and is considered one of the founding organizations of the forum.

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Tammuz Organization for Social Development

1-November 2021

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