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Tammuz   participates in the session of the European Union mission to monitor the elections

On Thursday, March 3, 2022 in Baghdad, Tammuz Organization for Social Development participated in the session of the European Union Mission to monitor the elections in Iraq on.

The session, which was held in the Al-Rasheed Hotel hall, witnessed the presence of representatives of the Independent High Electoral Commission and representatives of the monitoring networks from the various governorates of Iraq, in addition to judges and media professionals.

The session began with the presentation of the final report prepared by the mission with the recommendations put forward by the priority mission for discussion by the attendees.

During the session, there was a talk on several topics concerns the electoral process the most important of which the mechanism of choosing the commissioners conference, the electoral turnout , using political funds by the influential parties in addition to the problem of the lack of census and its influence of counting turnout And the technical techniques for using verification and counting devices, the lack of experience of the commission’s staff using the equipment for the conduct of the electoral process, and others.

In conclusion, all attendees were thanked for accepting the invitation and enriching the session with important observations and discussions. The mission confirmed that this session will not be the last, but that there will be other sessions.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

3 March 2022

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