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The fifth awareness workshop to ensure the legal rights of displaced people

Tammuz Organization for Social  Development / Legal Clinic in Anbar Province held legal workshop in cooperation with Legal Clinic Network and UNHCR at 24 April 2016 in (Alwehda al-Watanya Complex) camp in Rasheed District where 160 displaced family from Anbar reside in; A number of IDPs attended the workshop nearly 29 persons (19 women, 10 men), and with attending Manager of Complex Mr.Najim Obed Alioui, a member of Eebtisama Societal Center for Women Mrs.Rusul Zuhair and a member of Attah Societal Center for Women Mrs.Khitam Ghazi.
Director of Legal Clinic in Anbar /Tammuz Organization for Social Development colleague Ali Ghazal opened the workshop and welcomed attendees and talked about the services of the legal clinics (clinic networks) in eight provinces that submitted to displaced, vulnerable and marginalized families, and also talked about the goals of network where they provide legal services such as legal advices and representation and holding of legal awareness workshops for IDPs rights, as well as providing a summary of Tammuz Organization for Social Development and its activities and legal clinic and its services.

Then the lawyer of legal clinic Mohammed Abdul Wahed talked about the IDPs rights such as protection against arbitrary deportation, blackmail and freedom of the residence choice as well as education, health care and including them in Law No.21 for 2009 of the Ministry of Migration and Displacement and how to register in the branches of ministry in all provinces. He also explained the conditions must be adhered to register displaced person in the office of MoMD to ensure their rights.
The lawyer of legal clinic Mohammed Abdul Wahed mentioned the mechanism of register IDPs in the offices of MoMD in the province, through:
1) Domicile Certificate from the local council that they displaced to it.
2) Official Documents and personality picture to get the card review from Ministry of Migration and Displacement in order to ensure their rights.
A number of interventions and questions by IDPs and the most important one from women is on the how to register of giving birth inside complex and how to issue the certificate of birth, the lawyer replied the issuance of birth certificates through the Department of Health nearby camp. another intervention by displaced women about losing official documents during displacement and has only copy of these documents, the lawyer replied the issuance of documents to be through attorney a clinic lawyer to review the department of civil status to can issue the required documents.
And because of many inquiries on the return procedures, the lawyer  clarified that it has been formed a committee to facility the return procedures for IDPs through review the return center or full out the form by concerned committee.
The lawyer of legal clinic clarified the new procedures to return IDPs, who is willing to return to their original place, and it is as the following:
1)    IDP who want to return must review branches of Migration Ministry in the province to register his willing to return.
2)    IDP can review the branch of ministry in his return place after proving certifications of local authorities.
3)    Open file for IDP with enclosed of all documents that pertained to IDP.
4)    Take the legal commitment of returning family that they did not received any return grant from other branches.

Before ending of workshop, it received a number of legal cases and provide IDPs with legal advices, and the colleague Ali Ghazal explained that the mobile legal clinic in all areas where displaced people live and have communication through the camps and complex officials and coordination with them in order to provide services, in addition to the hotline numbers to receive questions and inquiries throughout the week (07809447442 / 07722429560), these numbers are for legal clinic in Anbar as well as information in brochure. As it was distributed 150 brochures to attendees at the camp includes information and explanations on the displaced, their rights and means of communication and legal clinics.
At the end of workshop the attendees thanked Tammuz Organization for Social Development of the efforts for displaced and hold such a workshop in the camps, and especially with regard to the legal aspect through the provision of consultations and legal representation to beneficiaries. It is noteworthy that this is a fifth workshop of ten workshops held by Tammuz Organization and will go on in hold workshops in other camps for IDPs till the end of the current year, and it is one of the activities of the Legal AssistanceProject to help marginalized and IDPs groups for the people of Anbar.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
26 April 2016

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