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The fifth training workshop within the Young Leaders Project entitled (Principles of Social Democracy in Economics)

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation the fifth training workshop under title (the Principles of Social Democracy in the Economic) within the project of Young Leaders for the period 14-16th July 2016 in Sulaimanyia province with attending 33 trainees from most Iraqi Provinces.

The Head of Tammuz Organization for Social Development Vian al-Sheikh Ali opened the training workshop and welcomed young leaders and trainers to participate in the workshop.

Then it was defined the aims and mechanisms training and divided the young leaders into two groups the first group is by professor of Political Sociology Ali Witwit and the second group is by professor of Political Science Dr.Ali Tariq. The training dealt with the social democracy subjects and its role in economic, the principles of social democracy, the concept of the economic theory for thinkers Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes and provide explanation of the social democracy in the terms of concept, fundamentals and mechanisms, and also presented the theatrical work with young leaders to analyze the words “The riches are getting richer and the poors are getting poorer.” and treat it. As well as it was clarified the relationship between social democracy and development, the comparison between social democracy and liberal democracy and their impact on the economy with reference to the models of social democracy in the world, and it was also the emphasized on the importance of the application of democracy and social justice to achieve justice and equality, and the application of human rights principles and ensure social justice for the political generations rights, social, economic and cultural.
During the training workshop, it was discussed the principles of the economic political in the social democracy on the part of growth, social justice and sustainability and giving examples about countries devastated by wars and got up again, the training also included the concept of the public political and what are the means of the future application of social democracy in Iraq and the Middle East and what are the impacts of social policies in Iraq and the indicators of typical human development.
It was concluded the workshop after two days of training that are valued as a success work with gained information. Tammuz Organization for Social Development will continues in its various activities of the programs, seminars and training courses in order to achieve the aims of organization to build the youth capacities.
It was mentioned that it is the fifth workshop of the young leaders program implemented by Tammuz Organization in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation during the years 2015-2016 for nearly forty young people (both gender) from the whole of Iraq Provinces, aiming to empower youth and providing knowledge and skills to can build best Iraq…Iraq full of democracy and social justice…

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
17th July 2016

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