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The final conference of the Young Leaders Program in Amman

Tammuz Organization for Social Development closed in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation the program of Iraqi young leaders 2015-2016 throughout two days 16-17 Sept 2016 in Jordan /Amman within the program of organization to improve and capacity building of Iraqi Youths. The first session opened by Resident Director of Friedrich Eebert Mrs. Anja Wehler welcomed attendees and confirmed to continuity and Overcome obstacles and developing of knowledge in all fields.
The second session includes a dialogue session with attending Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in the Kingdom of Jordan Safya al-Suhail talked about the political situation in Iraq and great challenges, in addition to present a summary on the work of Iraqi Embassy and its services, and it was also showed many of political and economic matters and emphasis on the role of youth and opportunities to invest in young leaders at all levels. In the third session, a media Mr.Manar al-Rashwani talked about the media, civil society and the role of youth to present a summary on the media, the role of civil society organizations, experiences, developing of skills, determine the aims and work to achieve the best results through high awareness and gain experiences.       
The second day of conference includes a number of important paragraphs and the first session was for Dr. Haifa’a Haider talked about the gender and make practical and theory training about how to think about the concept of gender, afterwards Cartoonist Mr.Omar al-Abdullat submitted a lecture on his experience to invest the matters, public cases and political problems derisively and deliver it to people’s minds. Then it was go to one of the historic sites in Amman and was distributed participating certificates to young leaders with attending the Relation Official of Tammuz Organization for Social Development –Coordinated of young leaders program Evan al-Faily and Resident Director of Friedrich Eebert Mrs. Anja Wehler, and Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in the Kingdom of Jordan Safya al-Suhail attended the end of conference and expressed her happiness to graduation of this young elite and acquire a range of knowledge and skills.
It was referred to the role of the Iraqi foreign and strengthening the relations with the hosting states and taking into account the implementation of international protocols, care of the national interests of the state and its citizens at all levels and to emphasize the role of youth in taking their chances in life at all levels.
In the end, Public Relation Official Evan al-Faily thanked the ambassador for their hosting in the headquarter of embassy and inform the young leaders on this information and to allow them to visit the Iraqi Embassy in Amman, interest and eagerness to attend the final conference program for youth leaders of Iraq from 2015 to 2016.
It should also be noted that the Young Leaders Program is a program aimed to preparing and qualifying a group of young activists from the whole of Iraq are trained according to a program that includes a variety training topics to gain information and knowledge that qualifies them to lead a civil society in Iraq, where it was announced at the beginning of 2015 and received more than 100 requested to participate from different Iraqi provinces and were selected 40 participants (both gender) of all Iraqi provinces. The project started at 15-16 April 2015 through holding a training in (Baghdad, Amman, Erbil, Basra, Sulaimanyiah) on leadership, continuity skills, the role of youth in promoting peace, political participation and good governance, the economy and social justice, gender, media, and others of important topics that young people need today to expand his mind and his knowledge in all fields.
It was worth mentioning that the program will be annually and Tammuz Organization for Social Development is now preparing the setup a program for young leaders in 2017 and will be announced at a later date.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
19th Sept.2016

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