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The general envoy of UN; Sergio Demelo death is commemorated in Tammuz Offices around Iraq

 Sergio Demelo was the first envoy for Iraqi in 2003 and the first victim of a terrorist’s bomb car in Iraq on August 19 2003.

Tammuz organization commemorated the eighth year for the death of the General envoy of United Nation in Iraq; Sergio Demelo. The commemoration was carried out on Wednesday August/17 2011. The commemoration was represented by standing of the organization members in Baghdad, Erbil, Alanbar and Alnassiriya provinces. The head of the organization, Vian Alsheikh Ali said that “Mr. Demelo dedicated himself for peace. He had illuminating ideas to build a democratic political system under which all the Iraqi fabrics of society live and respect human rights”. She also denounced the ignorance of politicians and those on the Iraqi state in this occasion and the absence of other Iraqi NGOs’ to this activity.

On the other hand, Abdul-Rezaq Obeid, the head of Alnassiriya office expressed his disapproval of all the terrorists’ attacks and claimed the government to settle the security situation. The workers called for erecting a statue in Baghdad after reading a statement addressing the Iraqi parliament.

The Media and Youth Center trainees and trainers stood for a moment of silence. The center discussed Demelo’s biography later. 

The Youth Media Center

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

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