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The Initial Report of Tammuz Organization for Social Development in Opening and Polling Process in the Day of Voting on April 30, 2014

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development observes the public voting through its observers deployed in the whole of Iraq and totaling more than (3000) observers, where the commission opened (8075 centers) for the public voting and our observers were at all the centers in all of Iraq, and has recorded a number of notes at the first hours of the voting process below:  


•             Al-Abrar school (109407) attorney of the political entity wearing clothes with the logo and number of list of al-Ahrar bloc.

•             Al-Obaidi Center, the device of the electronic card does not read most of the electoral cards. 

•             The existence of electoral propaganda of al-Eslah Movement in O’ar district in Qairwan School (108802) taking 100 meters from the polling station.

•             Law State Attorneys carry the electoral propaganda in its application that contains the political entity number and logo in a school al-Ameen region.

•             Roaming of cars in al-Nas’sar district with pictures of the Law State candidates.

•             Candidates of al-Nukhab Movement distribute propaganda near station of Noor al-Hak School. 

•             Candidate number 17 of al-Eslah Movement and candidates of al-Watania Coalition have distributed the electoral posters in al-Kefa’a School.

•             Political attorneys/ Babil Primary School/ number 5/ the electronic card reader do not work

•             Polling station (1032201) Law State Attorneys are promoting for Law State inside station.

•             Tarablus School (107106) the electoral device has stopped in station 1

•             The existence of the electoral propaganda of al-Ahrar bloc near al-Mutama’azat Secondary School for Girls (106409) in Palastin Street

•             The observers have been prevented from entering stations (Babil School 107107 and Sana’aa Scholl 105202) until after seventh and half o’clock in the morning and put locks on the boxes


•             The observers have been prevented from entering al-Zaiton School (201507) in al-Ataba’a region and al-Mutamizat School too.

•             Dejla Primary School (100208) has been prevented observers from starting because of non-arrival of the station’s manager

•             Al-Markazia Secondary School in Kefa’a has not opened the station until 7:10am

•             Problem with the security forces in the polling station because they do not know their duties exactly, and sometimes interfere in the work of commission as preventing observers from entering to the electoral stations.


•             Al-Suwayra in Yassen Ber (279009) until 7:20am do not permitted to vote and observers to enter to the station.


•             Dar al-Salam Secondary School (282302) was prevented the observers from entering before 7:00 am and they call the commission office but they do not answer till 7:30 am.


•             Station number (161402) the employees are not trained on the electoral card reader device

•             Nahdah Station (161504) the existence of the electoral advertising on the wall of station

•             Fall mortar shells in  Alexandria intensity


•             Al-Radwan Station has prevented entering the observers before seven o’clock


•             Al-Faris Alarabi Station (2550), police did not allowed observers from entering and they call commission to know the reason.

•             Al-Werwar Station (3544)has been stopped this station for the non-arrival women inspector


•             One of observers was not permitted to enter to the station in Abu al-Esood Station-al-Aqsa Intermediate School.


•             The voters have queued on the gate of the polling station since seven o’clock, and it has been raised curfews in the city with the presence of cars that disturbed posters of the candidates.


•             Vehicle carrys the word (al-Muatin-candidate’s No.1) roaming near station (272101)

•             Near station (272102) there are also vehicles carrying the same words in the al-Samawa Secondary School for Boys.


•             Independent High Commission for elections prepared buses to transport citizens who residence areas are far from the polling station, and the security situation was good because of spreading of the security forces.

•             Two bombs have exploded before the opening near al-Rashdyia Station (1316) with presence of voters and other bombs after the opening of the station. 

•             Three of card readers are so slow and the manager of the station called commission and waiting their feedback.

Salah al-Din:

•             It was closed the stations number 4 & 9 without know the reason in Abdul Rahman al-Khafti station in al-Tamim district

•             Explosion 6 bombs in al-Qadsyia region

•             Some of stations did not permitted to enter of observers to the electoral stations 

Tammuz Organization for Social Development April.30 an hour 9:00am

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