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The last training workshop for students of law colleges in Iraqi universities

Tammuz Organization for Social Development with cooperation of Friedrich Ebert Foundation ended the last training workshop of the law students in Iraqi Universities in Baghdad for two days 22-23/05/2015. Tammuz Organization performed during last weeks training courses three in Baghdad, Erbil and Nasiryia to train about CEDAW convention (Eliminate on all kinds of discrimination against women), as part of a project implemented by the organization for the training of law students about this Convention in all of Baghdad, Erbil and Dhi Qar.

In the four sessions more than a hundred students participated and know the framework of the convention, its principles, its importance and commitment of Iraq, and International procedures which oblige States to implement the provisions of the Convention signed it. It was also focus on during these courses how to achieve the monitoring of community violations and documented in a parallel shadow reports that adopt and discuss internationally. The training program includes mini workshops where the students deal with the violations, discrimination and the study of cases of discrimination against women, as well as the challenges facing women in Iraq and how to eliminate these problems. Participants have been a clear interest in the subject that was characterized effectiveness through their interventions and discussions and ideas which discussed during the two days of training.

At the end of the session it has been distributed certificates of appreciated to the students who have expressed their thanks and appreciation for the organization and their willingness to work with us in order to eliminate forms of discrimination and violence against women, through their work in the legal and human rights corps who will join to it in the coming months and the practice of field work.
They expressed their wish to participate in courses and activities that held by organization in the field of development and training to develop the skills and abilities of youth.
It was mentioned that the project targets a hundred students from the faculties of law through four training courses, including two in Baghdad and one in each of Erbil and Nasiriyah.
Thus, the organization concluded a project of the training of law students on CEDAW and it continues its work to the investment potential of promising youth and rehabilitation to projects and other programs in order to contribute effectively in building nation and achieve social development.

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Tammuz Organization for Social Development

24th of May.2015

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