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The sixth awareness workshop to ensure the legal rights of displaced people

Tammuz Organization for Social Development / Legal Clinic in Anbar held in cooperation with LCN and UNHCR legal Workshop to ensure the legal rights of IDPs at 10 May 2016 in Markazi Camp1/ in Amiriyah Fallujah where 300 IDPs lived there, 33 persons of IDPs (7 women & 26 Men) attended the workshop, as well as lawyer of legal clinic Mohammed Abd Fayad.
The workshop opened by director of the Legal Clinic in Anbar colleague Ali Ghazal welcomed attendees and pointed out the services of legal clinic network that work in eight provinces and provide free legal services for vulnerable and marginalized families, and he particularly talked about the services of the legal clinic of Tammuz Organization for Social Development for the IDPs from Anbar province, and at the end of his speech presented a summary on the work of the legal clinic network such as legal representations and advices. The lawyer of legal clinic Mohammed Abd Fayad defined the IDPs rights in the national legislations and what was approved law by the Ministry of Displacement and Migration No.21 of 2010 on ensuring of IDPs rights and then referred to the mechanisms of IDPs registry in the ministry branches in provinces that they migrated to it and conditions of registers and the required documents to ensure his right as IPD.
The lawyer of legal clinic Mohammed Abd Fayad showed the procedures of the voluntary return for the families who want to return to their regions through the offices of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration in province, and must follow these instructions:
1-Check with the Ministry Branches in Province
2-Bring all documents that confirmed they are IDPs
3-Open a special file for IDP
4-Taking a written pledge from the family wishing to return

It was opened the debates and inquires by IDPs in the workshop and the citizen Hameed Kleeb said that he migrated at 15/09/2015 from Ramadi and presented the transaction in the branch of Ministry in Anbar and did not received million yet,the lawyer replied that there is some procedures implementing by Ministry to check the transaction and then issue a mark for displaced person, another inquiry by citizen Saadyia Mahmood that her son within the ration card of family and is married but has not issued a card displaced for him, the lawyer replied that among the terms of register for grant (Million) must be all documents under his name but if he married and still in his family ration card so he must demand to sort his card to can get grant, also the displaced citizen Kurgih Mashour asked how to transfer the ration card to her name because her husband is dead, the lawyer replied that the procedures of transfer demand the husband’s death certificate and change the nationality of the civil status from married to widow and apply to ration center to take the necessary actions.
At the end of workshop has distributed 150 brochures and colleague Ali Ghazal showed that the legal clinic received all questions and inquiries through the hot lines of the legal clinic in Anbar province (07809447442/07722429560).
The attendees thanked Tammuz Organization for Social Development of the efforts for displaced and hold a workshops in the camps, and especially with regard to the legal aspect through the provision of legal consultations and representation to beneficiaries. It is noteworthy that this is a sixth workshop of ten workshops held by Tammuz Organization and will go on in hold workshops in other camps for IDPs till the end of the current year, and it is one of the activities of the Legal Assistance Project to help marginalized and IDPs groups for the people of Anbar.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization For Social Development
12th May 2016

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