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The status of social protection policy in Iraq

on Friday, December 16, 2022, at the Baghdad Academy for Humanities, Tammuz Organization for Social Development held a seminar entitled “The Reality of Social Protection Policy in Iraq” on the occasion of the activities of the seventh season of the Iraqi Social Forum.

During the symposium, Dr. Falah Al-Rubaie and Dr. Mudhaffar Hosni were hosted, as the topic of the social protection system was discussed by Dr. Falah Al-Rubaie and its institutions in Iraq, as well as the covered groups and the most prominent challenges facing those covered by the protection system, in addition to making comparisons with protection systems in several countries and clarifying the difference between them.

After that, Dr. Mudhaffar Hosni gave a presentation on the legal framework for the social protection system and international agreements such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Persons with Disabilities and others. He also dealt with the reality of the protection system in Iraq and its extent of development.

The symposium ended with a set of recommendations and proposals, most notably were:

The necessity of shifting from social assistance to developmental assistance and strengthening human capabilities.

Paying attention to sustainable development plans and controlling the population explosion in cities.

Replacing the ration card with financial support.

* Paying attention to the industrial and agricultural sector to reduce unemployment.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

16 December 2022

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