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The tenth legal awareness workshop to ensure the legal rights of displaced people

Tammuz Organization for Social Development / Legal Clinic in Anbar Province held in cooperation with Legal Clinic Network and UNHCR  a workshop in Salam Camp in Amryat Fallujah on Thursday 18/08/2016, nearly 261 families from Anbar province reside in Salam Camp. The workshop was attended by (57) IDPs (52 women and 5 men) with lawyer of legal clinic in Anbar Sabti Juma’a Abbas.
Director of Legal Clinic in Anbar Ali Ghazal opened the workshop and welcomed participants, indicating to the services of Legal Clinics Network in eight provinces present the legal services for poor and marginalized families. He in particular talked about the services of legal clinic of Tammuz Organization for Social Development and also talked about the work and services of legal clinic network. Lawyer of Legal Clinic colleague Sabti Juma’a Abbas presented his legal lecture that concern the definition of IDPs rights in the national legislations and what was approval Act of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration No.21 of 2010 on the rights of displaced person and who is displace person, and pointed out the mechanisms and conditions of IDPs registry and demanded documents in the offices of ministry. 
Lawyer of legal clinic showed the procedures of voluntary returning for the families who want to return to the liberated regions through check the offices of ministry, and it is as following:
1-Check the branch of Ministry of Displacement and Migration in the province.
2-Bring the documents prove that he is displace person.
3-Open file for displace person.
4-Legal commitment from returned family that they did not received the grant from any branch of the ministry.
During the workshop, the discussions and inquiries started by a number of IDPs and the most prominent was on the ID card of IDPs’ Fallujah, who displaced after military processes that started at 23/05/2016. The employees of the government offices special Nationality Department are dealing inapposite with reviewers because they have not any original documents. The displaced person Khalda Ahmed asked about the documents that are taking by Da’ash and how to get new documents, the lawyer of legal clinic said that she must tell the court and police station about the losing these documents to investigate of the missing documents and then sending out a letter from court to notice the relevant bodies. Another question by displaced person Hussein Ali from Diyala province/ Jalula’a asked about the marriage registry and issue new ID cards, the lawyer said that it is necessary to apply to the Civil Status Department in the place of displacement and then referral his case to the legal clinic in Diyala province.
At the end of workshop was distributed 75 brochures for attendees and displaced persons in the camp, then director of legal clinic pointed out on hotline of Legal Clinic in Anbar province (07809447442/07722429560) for any questions and inquiries.

The attendees presented thanks and appreciate to Tammuz Organization for Social Development and Legal Clinics Network for their efforts in service IDPs, and hoped to hold as this legal workshop in the camps.
It is worth noting that this is the tenth workshop held by Tammuz Organization include the activities of the legal assistance project and help the marginalized and IDPs groups that implemented by the legal clinic in Anbar.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
21st August 2016

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