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The third awareness workshop to ensure the legal rights of displaced people

Tammuz Organization for Social Development / Legal Clinic in Anbar held in cooperation with Legal Clinics Network and UNHCR a legal workshop in IDPs camps, which contain 400 IDPs family from  Anbar, at 29th March 2016 in Ikram Zoba’a in Baghdad/ Yusufiyah and the workshop was attended by (38) IDPs.
Director of Legal Clinic Ali Ghazal opened the workshop and welcomed attendees and talked about the goals of workshop and its legal signification, and also presented a summary about Tammuz organization for Social Development and its activities and its free legal services.
Then Lawyer of legal clinic Sabti Juma’a Abbas presented a lecture on the law of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration no.21 for 2009 that affirmed the IDP rights and introduce IDP in article 2/firstly as they are Iraqis, who obliged to escape from their houses or leave their residence places inside Iraq to avoid the impacts of armed conflict or situations of general violence, and also clarified the compensations for those affected by the hostility acts and military mistakes of terror in Article 14 Secondly and the conditions that must be adhered to register displaced in the Displacement and Migration Office in places where they migrated to them to ensure their rights, and also pointed to the mechanism on the protection and access to their basic services such as education, health care and the responsibility of the security authorities to maintain their lives and facilitate a return procedures after securing areas that were displaced from it.
Lawyer Sabti Juma’a Abbas mentioned the mechanism of IDP register in the offices of Displacement and Migration in province through:
1)    Certificate of residence of local council that they displaced to it.
2)    Formal documents and personality picture to get review card by office of the displacement and migration in province that they displaced to ensure their rights.
A number of interventions and questions by IDPs the most important are the conditions of return and the reason of late grant (million) because larger part of families did not received yet, noted that they have (Qi Card) and complete the register conditions.
Also he clarified that it was formed a committee  by the governor, the Joint Operations Command and the High Commission to re-displaced people headed by Dr.Latif Hmim (The Head of the Sunni Endowment), and the new measures to return of IDPs:
1)    Review offices of the migration ministry in province to register his desire to return.
2)    IDP can review the branch of the ministry of migration in the place of his return after confirmations of local councils
3)    It will open a file with attaching all the formal documents of IDPs
4)    Legal commitment from return family that they did not received the grants from any branch of the ministry.

Later colleague Ali Ghazal started in detailed explanation of the role of legal clinic network and services offered by the clinic in Anbar and the received issues and how to communicate with the displaced families to provide free legal services in Anbar province, and clarified the mobile legal clinic in all areas where displaced people and have communication through the camps and complexes officials and coordination with them in order to provide services, in addition to hot line to receive inquiries and questions through the week (07809447442 /07722429560), these phones are just for free legal clinic in Anbar, as well as the recorded information in the brochure where it was distributed more than 100 brochures to attendees at the camp.
At the end of the workshop attendees thanked members of the organization and cadre Legal Clinic in Anbar province on the implementation of this workshop and received the issues of IDPs and give them free legal advices.

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