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The third training workshop within the Young Leaders Program on renewable energy and climate

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert the third training workshop within the Young Leaders program in Erbil from 5 to 6 February 2016 on the renewed energy and climate change.

The workshop opened with welcoming by Head of Tammuz Organization for Social Development and Regional Coordinator of climate policies and renewed energy in Friedrich Ebert Foundation Mr.Richard Probst, who presented a summary about foundation, branches and its work fields, as well as talked about the signification of the training workshop and its goals and direct the word toward renewed energy and climate change.
Then it were divided the participation into two groups for training and definition of the human and earth signification, and training on climate change and what are the effects and notes on the future of climate change as well as on how to find solutions and effective response to this important topic. And also it has been trained on energy and renewable energy and what is the renewable energy from the political and economic perspective and why use of renewable energy today as a clean and cheap, then the discussion between the groups on renewable energy, focusing on solar energy and the kinds of energy and direct and indirect energy.
It has also been explained power plants such as solar power plants, hydroelectric generation, the necessary requirements and implications of the positive and negative on the environment and society, and discuss the latest reports about climate change and its effects on earth and the changes that occurred during the last century, as well as current trends for governments and policy decisions about the use of renewable energy, especially the world today is going through a lot of problems and crises and the climate change is one of these crisis, so we had to build plans and implementation of solutions to deal with this phenomenon but the phenomenon is not new, there has been happened through the ages and times, but now is the format and the speed at which we are witnessing today with human activities against the natural balance of the ground system components in the atmosphere and on land, so everyone must work together to solve the climate change. With the acceleration of development in this world has become necessary to learn all kinds of renewable energy and how to use them to reduce their energy and protect the environment because the renewable energy is become one of the basics of life in this day.
Over the two days the young participants full of efficiency, commitment and responsiveness to trainers, expressed about many ideas and initiatives that seek to implement in their cities to preserve the environment and take advantage of renewable energy, prompting the organization and the partner foundation to establish a wider future activities.
Young Leaders program is a project implemented by Tammuz Organization in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation since last year, which aims to empower young people in the field of human rights and peaceful coexistence, democracy, economy and political participation, in addition to the subject of energy.
It is worth noting that the Organization has already established a number of workshops on the subject of energy in 2013.

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