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The third workshop on return procedures for those wishing to return voluntarily

On May 21, 2017, at Al-Khalidiya Al-Samoud 3 camp, the eighth workshop was held by Tammuz Organization for Social Development, which was attended by 36 displaced people (20 women and 16 men), colleague Ali Sulaiman representative of Afkar Association for Aid and Development, and attorney Inas Khaled Hamid, who talked on the return procedures for those wishing to return voluntarily and explained that the return procedures are:

1. The displaced person who wants to return should check with the branch of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration in Al-anbar province, where he is displaced, and register his desire to return. The branch provides him with a letter of identification to be presented to the responsible authorities at the place of return and the file of the displacement will be closed. In such case the branch of return place must ensure the return of the returnee by taking a return confirmation from authorities in the place of return and after the completion of the confirmation procedures the ministry will be notified with that.

2- The displaced can check the branch of the ministry in the place of return and provide proof of their return (a confirmation from local authorities) and the aforementioned branch will notify the center of the ministry and the branch where the displace person was recorded to close his file in that branch .

3-Each family or individual opens a single file to register the displacement and all subsequent actions are attached to the first item (original) and there is no need to open other files.

4-Submit the official documents for closing the file from the concerned authorities and proving the return to the original place of residence or the usual place of residence (confirmation of the Mukhtar and the local council and seal (them by s the branch of the ministry in the place of return).

5-People who have not registered their displacement can register the displacement during the registration of return with the documents of the displacement and return. The branch of return must notify the Ministry with that immediately.

6- Take a legal pledge from the returning family from the displacement that they have not registered or receive any return grant from any other branch.

Then discussion was started, the displaced woman, bssa’ad Hamid Aliwi, said that she was displaced from al-Karmah to al-Khalidiya district and did not register with the immigration services because of a shortage of documents, the colleague replied that the immigration branch’s procedures would register the displacement and return at the same time in the case of returning to the liberated areas. A  displaced  Na’im Rabee Faraj also asked that he had registered in Al- anbar immigration branch and his name did not show so far. The colleague, Enas Khaled, said that he should check Information with the Immigration branch and then she pointed out the importance of registering the displaced people who have not registered yet to guarantee their rights, and those who have not yet registered should review the immigration branches in the governorate and bring in the following documents:

Civil Status ID

  Certificate of Iraqi citizenship

  Residence card.

    A photograph.

 The confirmation of the municipal council. 

And then an immigration card will be issued from the Office of Migration and Displaced in the province confirms the status of displacement.

At the end of the workshop, the participants thanked the holders of this workshop and it shows their interest in displaced families in the camps, alleviating suffering and promoting their transactions

And then 50 brochures were distributed to the attendees, and in the camp was received issues related to ration card.

Tammuz organization for social development

Legal clinic in Al-anbar

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