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The work of young people is a basis  in the development of the private sector

 The Tammuz Organization for Social Development, and in collaboration with the Norwegian People’s Aid is implementing a project to encourage young people to work in the private sector in the provinces (Baghdad, Babil, Najaf, Dhi Qar and Basra), which included the work of the survey of 1535 male and female participants sampled were mostly young. The point of this poll, the reasons for the reluctance of young people to go to the private sector. 

In order to get a job as well as the challenges facing the private sector and prevent it from growth and development. Were also trained 250 participants from young graduates and the unemployed through the establishment of 10 training workshops in the provinces mentioned above (and two workshops in each province), which has been training young people and empower them and encourage them to work in the private sector.

In order to identify the challenges of finding jobs for young people in the Iraqi private sector, and how to motivate the private sector to attract young people to work. Where the organization has set up five seminars in the provinces mentioned dialogue with the participation of academics, economists and representatives of trade unions and businessmen, as well as representatives of a number of government agencies and provincial councils.

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