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Three training sessions for law school students on CEDAW

Tammuz Organization for Social Development in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation held three courses in Baghdad, Erbil and Dhi Qar for training on CEDAW convention (End all kinds of discrimination against women), as a part of a project carried out by organization to train students of College of Law about this convention in Baghdad, Erbil & Dhi Qar.
Eighty students participated in these three courses and continued two days. During the course, the students know the convention, its principles and Iraq’s commitment with it and the International procedures, which oblige States to implement the provisions of signed convention.

It was also focus on how to achieve the monitoring of community for violations and documented in a parallel reports that use and discuss internationally.
The training includes mini workshops where the students discussed violations and discrimination facing women in Iraq and how to eliminate it. Participants have a clear interest in the subject that characterized by effectively their interventions and discussions.
At the end of each session, Tammuz Organization distributed certificates of participation to students who have expressed their thanks and appreciation for the organization and their desire to work for the elimination all forms of discrimination against women through their work in the legal that they will join to it in the coming months.
It was mentioned that the project targets a hundred students from the faculties of law through four training courses two in Baghdad and one in each of Erbil and Nasiriyah. It is planned to implement the fourth session in Baghdad soon.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
May 18, 2015

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