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Under Slogan “Signification of the Voluntary Work in Defending of rights of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups”

Under the auspices of al-Turath University College, Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in cooperation with Legal Clinic Network a training course under slogan (Signification of the Voluntary Work in Defending of Rights of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups) on Hall of al-Turath University College / Law Department at 16/12/2015, with attending the Head of Law Department Dr.Mahmoud Khalaf, Assistant of Department, a number of Law Professors and more than 40 students of the fourth stage of the college of Law, the aiming of seminar is to define the voluntary for lawyers to defend the rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups.
At the beginning, the head of Law Department welcomed the cadre of Tammuz Organization for Social Development and praised the imitative and activities of Tammuz organization to hold as this seminars in the universities.
Then colleague Ali Ghazal opened the seminar and thanked masters of University to good preparations and reaction with civil social organizations, and defined the activities of organization since its establishing till now and also defined the work of the legal clinic and its activities.
Lawyer of legal clinic Mustafa Abdul Ahmed talked about the principle of voluntary work through the services presented by the legal clinic, and there are two voluntary lawyers in each clinic of each province to help the vulnerable groups. Then Lawyer Sbti Joma’a offered the specification of successful lawyer who must have self-confidence and courage to be the power point in the court.
Later it has been opened the door for discussions and interventions and the first intervention was by Dr.Mahmoud Khalaf, where he talked about the legal article within the Iraqi law that allow to defending of accuser by lawyer for people who cannot assigned by lawyer, and this kind of voluntary work is to encourage lawyers to work it. Another intervention by the student Abdul Aziz Mohammed asked about what the legal procedures that protect the accused during the investigation, and has answered his question by lawyer that there must be the presence of his lawyer during the investigation in order to avoid the psychological pressure and physical effects for the accused.
Finally the professors and students praised the efforts of Tammuz Organization for Social Development to enhance the reaction among the civil social organizations and students to motivate the voluntary work in the coming stage, and they demanded to hold training course in law to participate and appeared their readiness to any voluntary work. College Ali Ghazal thanked the deanery of college and professors of law department for their attending and participation in this seminar.
It is also worth noted that Tammuz organization for social development interested of youth development and improvement of the legal environment within the objectives and strategy of the organization in terms of social development, where it has been the training 120 students from Law College during the last period on the CEDAW in the province of Baghdad, Irbil and Dhi Qar.

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