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Under the slogan of Equality to build Peace

Tammuz Organization for Social Development, in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, held the second workshop for the fourth generation of the Young Leaders Program on the subject of “Peacebuilding” in the city of Sulaymaniyah on July 9-10, 2021.

The trainer was Dr. Elham Makki, and the workshop was attended by 28 participants from all governorates of Iraq.

The first day began with introducing the participants and the trainer and giving information about the workshop and its importance. After that, connection to the life of society, the economy and politics, and the extent to which social customs and traditions affect the practice discussed over the years. History and the factors that influenced it.

On the second day, the trainer addressed conflicts and peace-building and, where video clips related to the topic were shown, analyzed, and discussed, and an attempt was made to know the implications in these clips.

A set of activities and exercises were also worked out for the participants, where they were divided into groups and asked to write and analyze the daily life cycle of men and women to clarify the roles of both sexes because of customs and traditions.

The workshop was characterized by a lot of discussions, interventions and important information by the participants and the trainer and concluded by thanking the participants and the trainer for their commitment, attendance and interaction with what was presented.

It is worth noting that the Young Leaders Program is an annual program organized by the Tammuz Organization for Social Development in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

This workshop is the second for the fourth class, numbering 30 young people, and three classes of young leaders have already graduated, numbering more than 100 young people, representing all spectrums of the Iraqi people.

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Tammuz Organization for Social Development

12 July 2021

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