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 Under the theme of Compensating war- affected people is national duty

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held the third workshop for legal awareness concerning compensation lawsuits in terms of types and procedures. The workshop was held on Saturday 16th February 2019 in Fallujah and it was attended by about 24 participants of both sexes from Fallujah, Karmah and Saqlawyiah.

Representing the organization of Tammuz, our colleague Ali Ghazal initiated the workshop by greeting the attendants and introducing the project of “Access to Justice” and free legal clinic in Al-anbar province that is implemented in cooperation with (DPK) and he explained the objectives behind holding this workshop: to get citizens familiar with rights and with the procedures of compensations transactions as a major factor to consolidate stability and security in Al-anbar province.

Also, the workshop was attended by our colleagues from D.P.K and a number of civil society organizations in Al-Anbar. Our colleague (Lawyer Mustafa Abed Ahmed) made an important intervention on the principle of compensation being a basic right of citizens for what they suffered from material and moral damages at the hands of terrorism and war, then he addressed compensations lawsuits in terms of types, the groups covered by, how to proceed transactions in terms of conditions, requirements and departments concerned with such procedures.

Then, the floor to questions and discussions was opened so the attendants could learn more about those procedures and challenges faced by citizens in promoting transactions and obtaining the appropriate compensation.

Fallujah satellite channel covered the workshop the conclusion of which the attendants extended their thanks and appreciation, also, many brochures were distributed to define the work of the free legal clinic in Al-anbar.

It is worth mentioning that Tammuz Organization for Social Development has been implementing the projects of the free legal clinic in AL-anbar since 2013, and has completed thousands of transactions and legal cases for citizens from all parts of Al-anbar and for free. (including the years of displacement)

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

Free Legal Clinic in Al-anbar

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