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Visit the Subcommittee on Compensation and those affected by terrorist military operations

On Tuesday 15/08/2017, Represented by our colleagues, the lawyers, Bahaa Jassam Mohammed and Maysam Ahsan Jabbar, the legal clinic staff visited the sub- commission for compensating military and terrorist operations affected persons. We were received by the sub-commission chairman, Mr. Badr Abdel-latif.

He began with a detailed explanation on the sub-commission work and on mechanisms used at its work. Then, our colleague Maysam Ahsan, gave an explanation about the legal clinic and the free services provided by Tammuz Organization for Social Development, whereupon our colleague, Bahaa Jassam, described the legal advising and counseling in the displaced people’s camps for our displaced people.

Also, the chairman of Sub-committee praised the work of Tammuz Organization for Social Development

For its active part in helping the war-affected people to complete many transactions he also showed his readiness to facilitate the legal clinic work to help our war-affected displaced people through the staff of the legal clinic by receiving directly their transactions and having them completed as soon as possible in line with constraints for the public good.

At  the end of the meeting, our fellow- lawyers thanked the chairman for his good hospitality to the legal clinic staff and for helping those who are in need of the displaced people and vulnerable groups.

 Tammuz Organization for Social Development

Legal Clinic in Anbar Governorate

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