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Visiting Kililo 18 camp, west of Anbar

On Sunday 09/07/2017, represented by lawyer Azer Sadek Mahmoud, the legal clinic staff visited the camp of 18 kilo to the west of Al-Anbar.

He distributed brochures, gave some legal consultations, administrative procedures for the relatives of the missing people, as well as the procedures for the return of the displaced and the colleague Azer asked about the obstacles that existed inside the camp. The staff also answered several questions asked by the families who were displaced from Al-Qaim and that the security forces would not allow them to leave outside the camp.

The colleague Azer replied to one of the displaced called Rashid who asked to intervene to allow him to travel to Erbil because his daughter was sick and paralyzed and needed treatment outside Al-anbar governorate. And then, the colleague Azer asked the director of the camp, Mr. Jabbar al-Dulaimi , it turned out that  the number of families in the 18 Kilo camp was then 1,100 ( a thousand and a hundred) families, One of the organizations erected columns  of electric current and extended wires, however electricity did not reach the tents because of their delay in accomplishment. Coincided with high temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius, the displaced inside the camp were in desperate need for power supply.

At the end of the meeting, the management of the 18Kilo camp thanked and valued the role of the legal clinic in Al-anbar and the efforts made by the legal clinic staff to provide their services to the displaced.

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