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Visiting the 18 Kilo camp for displaced people in Anbar

Represented by our colleague Azir Sadik Mahmoud, the staff of the Legal Clinic visited the camp of 18 Kilo on Monday 13\08\2017, to observe the problems and obstacles on the one hand, and to provide consultation and legal support on the other hand.

The visit began with a meeting with the director of the camp,
Mr. Jabbar Al-dulaimi, the visit was officially documented on the visits register. During the field trip within the camp and providing legal consultations to the families, some cases were observed of patients, malignant tumor and cancer patients

(Their phone numbers were saved). Also there are many problems, within the camp, of which is  that  being displaced from the west areas of Anbar, the security forced would not allow those patients to leave the camp and get the treatment they need, and we assure  their desperate need to get out of the camp and their just demand; for all the displace from al-qaim, Annah and Rawa districts, are sentenced to “camp-arrest” including patients and elderly people who want to leave the camp to get treated or to buy medications or other items. They appreciated the staff’s efforts for the sake of our displaced people and assured the need to convey the voice of the displaced in the camp of Kilo 18 and paying it attention also improving the security procedures and to accelerate the security audit and allowing the displaced to move after the completion of the procedures especially the displaced from the west areas of Anbar governorate.

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

Legal Clinic in Anbar Governorate

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