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Visiting the (Iraq Tent) camp on the outskirts of Baghdad

A team of Tammuz Organization for Social Development visited camp (Khaimt al-Iarq) in the outskirt of Baghdad on 5th of Sept.2015  in order to see the situations of displaced people and their needs.
The management of camp was received the organization team and recognize them to the statute of the camp and displaced persons, where more than eighty-six displaced families resided in it. And it was defined Tammuz Organization for Social Development and the Legal Clinic of organization, which provides services and free legal aids for displaced people of Anbar province. As the organization seeks to provide the urgent needs of the camp and receive many advices and legal issues, and it was coordinated with the management of camp to repeat the visiting and continuing to provide all needs and the delivery of their voice to relevant authorities, especially since their situations are difficult and harsh conditions, and there is a real need for health services and food aid.
It is worth mentioning that Tammuz Organization for Social Development is working since 2006 about the displaced people and refugees file through the provision of assistance and legal services, as well as several of relief campaigns and activities are in achieving the goals of the organization in helping affected by war and displacement.

Media Office
Tammuz Organization for Social Development
6th of Sept.2015

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