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Women Are Peace and Joy Makers

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Tammuz Organization for Social Development celebrated the displaced women in IDP camps in Amiriyah Fallujah – Central Camp, through the Legal Clinic in Al-anbar on 8 March 2018.

More than 100 displaced women participated in the ceremony, in addition to their children. The ceremony included a wide variety of activities, which were welcomed by the coordinator of Tammuz Organization in Al-anbar, who introduced the organization and the legal clinic which is supervised by the organization in Al-anbar, Which is one of the clinics of the network of legal clinics throughout Iraq, is funded in partnership with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Vian al-Shaikh, the head of Tammuz organization, congratulated the displaced women explaining the importance of celebrating this day and the desire of the organization to revive the day of women in the camps of displacement and show solidarity with them in the harsh living conditions in these camps.

Where she explained in her intervention the basis for defining this day for women and how it became a global celebration of women and the emphasis on the claim of their human and legal rights and achieve justice and equality, She also stressed the laws protecting women’s rights such as the Iraqi constitution and the Personal Status Law, especially the articles on those of wives.

Among the demands that have been made and the support of displaced women for, was the need to adopt a law against domestic violence and another one criminalizing harassment,

Stressing that all women in Iraq suffer from the marginalization and suffering  but what is experienced by displaced women is more than doubled, but despite these difficult economic, living and psychological conditions, they  must celebrate this day and be celebrated and must have the power to claim their rights and to seek to  teach their children in schools Because they are future generations, builders and protectors, and women  must have an active participation in building peace and stability.

Our Colleague, Inas Jabbar also congratulated the women, explaining that Tammuz and the IDPs have the right to provide adequate living conditions she also praised their resistance and bravery.

The ceremony included a speech by the representative of NRC in the camp, and then the program’s artistic and recreational activities were continued, which included poetry poems recited by a young poet, 

The ceremony ended by thanking the women for attending and managing the camp and representatives of the international organizations for their cooperation in facilitating the holding  of the ceremony.

And then, there was a devoted number to provide activities from the children of the camp where they participated in chanting and singing, and finally was given gifts for women and children on this occasion, In addition, some special cases have been listened to from women, and  the legal staff will work with them to provide the necessary legal assistance. It is worth mentioning that free legal clinic of Tammuz in Al-anbar held this activity in cooperation with the UNHCR, one of dozens of activities organized by the network of legal clinics in a number of provinces.

Media Office of Tammuz Organization for

Social Development

11 March 2018

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