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Women’s leadership training for Najaf activists

During the period 15-16 June 2022 in Najaf Governorate, Tammuz Organization for Social Development in collaboration with BAX organization, performed, a training workshop entitled “Women’s Leadership” within the Female Revolution Project.

The workshop was under the leadership of the trainer, Amna Koyani, and had the attendance of 25 trainees. The first day began with defining women’s leadership, leadership qualities, and leadership skills, besides communication, effective leadership communication skills, and leadership styles. After that, they conducted an exercise for the participants in communication and leadership.

After finishing the applicable activities, the trainer explained female leadership, as it comprised displaying images and samples from reality. At the end of the first day of the training, a “role-playing” exercise was performed, which was a representation in which each participant plays a specific leadership role within a work team.

On the second day, the trainer revealed a video clip on emotional intelligence, followed by an exercise on the same topic, which comprised electronic questions through which the trainer tested the percentages of emotional intelligence of the participants, then the trainer dealt with transformational leadership towards women’s rights, and the participants were divided into groups for each group to write the names of women leaders from Najaf governorate and talk about their success stories.

in closing, Tammuz staff, who attended and interacted with the participants, thanked all participants and the trainer, the participants also spoke about how they benefitted from the training and their acquisition of paramount information for their careers and private lives as well.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

16 June 2022

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