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Workshop on electoral systems

Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in cooperation with Independence High Electoral Commission in Dhi Qar office a workshop on the electoral systems at 21st of Dec.2015 on hall of central library, and with attending directors, representatives of the governmental offices, political parties, civil social organizations, professional unions, media and social figures.
Colleague Razaq Obied Dhaher opened the workshop and welcomed the attendees, and explained the workshop’s goals and the kinds of the electoral systems and mechanism of distribution of the electoral seats by colleague Qasim Shuweil of the electoral commission, and also explained the negatives and positives of each electoral system and choosing the best system to achieve the justice and not lose the right votes for voters. 
During the workshop, it was carried out the practical exercise to calculate the votes and distribute of seat for each system.  Then colleague Razaq Obied and Mr.Hazim al-Rudaini, director of IHEC, answered the questions and queries. It has focused on more justice systems and which is nearest to the Iraqi Status.
In the end of workshop, it was thanked the participants and attendees in this workshop, and then presented the recommendations including: 1.Continue in hold the cultural workshop between organizations and commission in this matter, 2.Emphasis on the hold as this workshop in the regions and districts 3.Support the local government activities 4.Contribute the media to educate people 5. Specialize these workshop between commission and profession organization, which interests of the election matter.
We would like to note that Tammuz Organization for Social Development contributed in the supervision of the election in 2005 and all electoral processes, and also in observe of constitution voting and even the last election in 201, in addition to a number of elections aboard of the country under name international observers because of its experience and professionalism in election monitoring.

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