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Workshop on Resolution 1325 in Najaf

on Saturday, February 11, 2023, The Female Revolution Team – Governor of Najaf, in cooperation with Aqran Organization for Youth Development, arranged a dialogue session on Resolution 1325 for a group of male and female activists.

During the session, the resolution and its impact on converting the status of women, protecting them, and empowering them were discussed if it was put in force and implemented by state institutions. The importance of following up on the implementation of it and monitoring the seriousness of state institutions in implementing and working on it was also discussed. The session also included practical exercises through which the participants get acquainted with some articles of the constitution and laws related to women’s protection and political participation.

It is worth mentioning that Resolution 1325 emphasizes the need of increasing the representation of women at all levels of decision-making in national, regional, and international establishments and the need to take particular measures to secure women and girls from gender-based violence in dispute cases, especially rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

Media office

Tammuz Organization for social Development

11 February 2023

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