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Workshop to train Tammuz’s Coordinators in Governorates

In cooperation with Fredrich Ebert  Foundation, Tammuz held a training workshop on observing Elections to be held in October and that was to train to train all coordinators in all Iraq governorates  on  2&3 October 2021 in Baghdad.

The workshop was held in Baghdad in the presence of 25 persons, as Day1 begun with welcoming and giving recognition to all our colleagues’ efforts for their active role in finishing the process of registering observers in all over Iraq.

The process of observing the elections to be held was discussed according to the electoral law and the mechanisms adopted by Tammuz this time. The Digital platform, created by Tammuz, was also introduced and the process of registering in it was explained using introductory videos. The process of how to contact Tammuz and fill the forms related to observing on the voting day. Also, the guide of observers, prepared by Tammuz, was also reviewed to help them in their mission as it contains all the needed information.

In the second day, a plan of action for the upcoming days was developed, in which observers will be trained each in their governorate and having them registered on the digital platform and also discussing their commitments among the observers and their coordinators regarding distributing them on ballot centers and receiving information to submit them to following up and operations rooms in parallel with information that available electronically and those given by the coordinators. Also they were trained on following up and commitments that should be achieved following the elections.

Our colleagues raised a lot of questions and inquiries and also submitted proposals to coordinate the action. In conclusion, our Collogue, Vian Al-Sheikh Ali, urged all coordinators to adhere to the instructions of the observing process and to cooperate with Tammuz to ensure the success of the process and to make a professional evaluation with monitoring for all cases both positive and negative within the electoral process.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

3 October 2021

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