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Workshops on network technologies

 On Saturday and Wednesday 15th and 19th of Aug.2015, Tammuz Organization for Social Development held in cooperation with Fikra Sapce two workshops on Network technologies special “Microtik” to define youth on the recent network technology and how to deal with it. The training was for two days with attending 22 young people; the trainer Ammar Saleh provided the fundamentals of work in the networks arriving to programming of Routers devices and also define many of networking terms through discussion and interaction with the trainees with trainer on the importance of networks in the present time.
Either the second workshop, the workshop was devoted to the practical part of the training represents the establishment of an illustrative network within the workshop, and was applying the concepts such as NATING, DNS, BRIDGING, DHCP SERVER and DHCP HOST, and other concepts for the establishment of networks.
This course includes a series of training courses that holding by Tammuz Organization with Fikra Space to improve and develop the abilities of youth in this field, which helps them to get better jobs and discover the world of technology and its importance in daily life and practical, Electronic Networks of the important ingredients that have become necessities in our daily lives.

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