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Workshops on programming languages

Tammuz Organization held in cooperation with Fikra Space two scientific workshops on Monday 27/07/2015 & 03/08/2015 to define young people one of the most important world programming language  in the technology field, and it is Java.
Colleague Evan al-Faily, Relationship Manager of Tammuz Organization for Social Development, defined Tammuz Organization, its activities and its aims and care to support of young energies and direct them in various ways and possibilities that are available have.
Then through the first workshop, the trainer Sabri Munaf presented the important uses of the programming language along two hours, and gave the opportunity for the youth to apply it directly on their laptop and see the results. They also knew the most important characteristics of this language and its possibilities, and they ask questions and inquiries about the program and some of the points that they feel it is important  to reach the objectives of this workshop.
In the second workshop, the trainer completed the training of youth and more expansion in the use of its characteristics to solve the most complex problems and give clarifications and explanation to completion for the first workshop that preceded it, and the trainees more interactive and desire to learn more.
It should also be noted that it will be held a series of successive workshops in this field and learn more about programming languages and how to employ them in everyday working life.
This workshop was held  for rehabilitation of youths and get better job opportunity, and help them to discover the technology and its signification in the life things. The programming is one of the important things to move the imagination and help in finding solutions intractable during the shortest time and with high efficiency, in addition to enabling its employees or experienced to obtaining adequate employment opportunities to ensure a decent life.
Noted that Tammuz Organization held many of training workshops for youth in various developing fields in order to preparation generation and educated to contribution in nation building.

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