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You Can Do It Marathon

Within the “Iraqi Social Forum” groups and in collaboration with “Sport against Violence” organization, Tammuz Organization for Social Development/ Kahramanah Group organized a marathon at Al-Zawraa Park /Baghdad on 8 March 2019 on the occasion of Women’s International Day.

Our Colleague, Vian Al-sheikh Ali, delivered a speech on behalf of Kahramanah group. She also gave a brief summary on the group its goals, activities and the aim behind organizing such marathon. Out of women’s role and how it is crucial to ensure attention to them and invest their energies at all levels, as well as the quest to involve them in sport, social and political activities, the hashtag #you_can_do_it has been launched to reaffirm women’s   capacity in participation in the marathon, in which 75 females, of all age groups, entered the race. When the marathon was finished, the top three winners received the shield of the contest.

Kahramanah group continues in holding activities and events that aim to empower women.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

8 March 2019

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