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Young Leaders: Writing and managing projects training

Tammuz Organization, in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, held the fifth training workshop for the fourth class of young leaders, on writing project proposals, during the period 17-18 June 2022 in Najaf Governorate.

The workshop was achieved under the supervision of the trainer Yas Khudair and had an attendance of 26 trainees from all governorates of Iraq. The first day started by identifying what the project is, its characteristics, and its stages, besides the pre-writing phase of the project, including defining the problem and collecting data, then the trainees were divided into groups. The trainer asked each working group to perform a data-gathering exercise.

Following that, the trainer described how to write the executive synopsis and specify the objectives and activities of a project. A “word challenge” practice was conducted for the working groups so that each team wrote a recap of its project in a specified number of words.

On the second day, the trainer clarified the logical framework and the structure of the project’s executive plan. This was implemented through each team writing an executive plan for their project, besides that, he dealt with the follow-up and evaluation, the difference between them, sustainability in projects the budget, and how to prepare them.

The workshop ended by thanking the trainer and the participants by the management of the Tammuz organization for their commitment and interaction during the days of the workshop, and in turn, the participants assured their great benefit from the workshop and its importance in their fields of work.

The Young Leaders Program is a program implemented by the Tammuz Organization in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, targeting a group of young people from all over Iraq. And that about 100 young women and men graduated in previous classes.

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Tammuz Organization for Social Development

18 June 2022

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